Notice: geomobs are currently broken on Android Chrome browser. Please use Firefox (or another non chrome based browser) until this is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What is a geo mob?

It is not a flash mob event. It's similar though. A geomob allows you to create a physical geocache that requires a mob size of your choosing to collect themselves at a location of your choosing before the coordinates - or other message - is revealed. Everybody in the geomob will need a reasonably modern smart phone in order to participate.

It's a great type of cache to release at a geocaching event - a regular event or even a flash mob event. For an event you might want to have the mob size larger (such as 10 or more), but after the event bump it down to a smaller number such as 4.

Verify your phone is compatible

Before starting, make sure that the accuracy below is "reasonable", under 30 ft or so, and that the "read count" is updating.

If not, please make sure your GPS is on and that geolocation is enabled for the web browser your are using.

Current Location: -----, -----
Accuracy (ft): -----
Read Count: -----

Which mob are you attending?

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